🌱 *NEW* Ethiopia Uddeyi Farmers Group

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This organic coffee is produced by farmers in Uddeyi Farmers Group in Guji and is a combination of older "landrace" varietals and newer, disease resistant JARC varietals. As is practical in this area, farmers don't use fertilizers as they still farm using traditional methods, including intercropping beans, peas and enset. The warm days, cool nights and high altitude produce a sweet, dense cherry.

Natural Process / Light Roast

Tasting Notes: Irish Cream, Floral Notes, Boysenberry, Honey, Red Currant

Producer: Uddeyi Farmers Group
Region: Tima, Shakiso, Guji, Ethiopia
Variety: JARC and local landrace varietals
Processing: Natural
Elevation: 2000-2180 masl 
Dry Mill: Sookoo Coffee
Harvest: Low elevations: October - December | High Elevations: November - January
Soil: Volcanic