Uganda Nyabisusi

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Bukonzo Joint Cooperative Union was formed in 1999 as a micro finance society and has evolved into a member union consisting of 1465 people, 1274 of them women. This Fair Trade and Organic lot came from the Nyabisusi Washing Station and stood out in the annual cooperative competition.

Washed Process / Light Roast

Tasting Notes: Nougat, Molasses, Creamy, Orange Acidity



Producer: Nyabisusi Washing Station within the Bukonzo Joint Cooperative Union
Region: Kesese District, Kyarumba, Western Uganda
Variety: Nyasaland, SL 14 , SL 28
Processing: Washed
Elevation: 1366 masl
Wet Mill: Nyabisusi Micro Washing Station
Drying: Raised African beds under cover
Dry Mill: Bukonzo Joint Dry Mill in Kyalhumba
Harvest: September 2022-January 2023
Soil: Loamy