Ethiopia Lecho Torka

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This coffee is named for the washing station that processes it and for the nearby forest. It’s a composite of several small holder farmers, called “garden farmers” because they produce coffee in the garden areas around their homes.

Washed Process / Light Roast

Tasting Notes: Honeysuckle Aroma, Lychee & Peach Flavor, Mandarin Acidity, Clover Honey Sweetness, Green Tea Body

Producer: Smallholder Farmers
Region: Lecho Torka, Uraga, Guji, Oromia
Variety: 74110, 74112 and local “landraces” (naturally adapted local varieties)
Processing: Washed
Elevation: 1980-2230 masl
Wet Mill: Lecho Torka Washing Station
Dry Mill:Addis Ababa
Harvest: September 2020-January 2021
Soil: Vertisol

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