Papua New Guinea Urara AX

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The Colbran family in Eastern Highlands, Papua New Guinea have pioneered coffee in their region over generations. This washed lot from the Urara section of the estate features a silky body and floral tasting notes.

Washed Process / Light Roast

Tasting Notes: Jasmine, Clementine, Berry, Apple, Silky Body

Producer: Colbran Family
Region: Baroida, Aiyura Country, Kianantu District, Eastern Highlands
Variety: Arusha , Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Typica
Processing: Washed
Elevation: 1,700-1,850 masl
Wet Mill: Baroida Estate
Dry Mill: Baroida Estate
Harvest: May-September, 2020
Soil: Volcanic
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